The Crazy Idea of Having 3 Blogs in 3 Different Niches

Do you have a blog?

Maybe you plan of having a blog?

Not sure if you know what you’re doing?

Confused by all the free and not-so-free information all around you?

Feeling stuck with manor and major issues nobody talks about?

I know exactly how you feel, and I could give a name to emotions you don’t even know you feel.

Only a blogger knows how weird it is to feel excited, stressed, motivated and discouraged at the same time.

Everyone around you talks about their blogging journey, and you really want to repeat their success, but it just doesn’t happen.

Not today.

Not this month.

Maybe the next one?

I walk on this road for a while, so let me tell you what I decided to do.

3 blogs in 3 different niches:

Love and Relationships

How to pay off debts, save money and organise your budget.

Motivation, Organisation, Inspiration, A pinch of hobby love and Blogging tips and tricks.

Sounds like something that could be merged into one blog?

Not to me. I will split them into 3 different blogs and see what I could do with them.

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I think I’m crazy, but I love it.

I blog for the last two years on about love and relationships, and everything connected to this niche.

DoctorForLove has steady traffic of around 80 000 page views monthly.

My main traffic course is Pinterest, and I managed to grow my Pinterest account with 6000 followers in a year. By this point (20.02.2019) I’ve got over 9000 followers. I plan on hitting 10 000 by the beginning of April.

I did everything on the website by myself – starting from installing the WordPress Themes, finding and juggling with plugins, Pinterest research and marketing, traffic growth, web design, email marketing, wiring the blog posts.


It took me almost forever to get to the level I am right now and I know I’m not even on the half of what I want to become.

So, I know a few things about blogging.

I know a few things about love and relationships.

I know more than a few things about money making, paying off debts and home budgeting.

I believe it’s time to spread the knowledge.

Why do I do this?

You know very well there are plenty of blogs similar to this one on the web.

At the same time you know there are plenty of blogs similar to your own (or the idea of the one you want to start).

Yet, each one of our blogs is unique and cannot be duplicated.

“Similar” doesn’t mean “the same”.

And that’s the gap I’m going for.

This gap is where your personality has to shine into. Am I right or am I right?

I believe I have a different approach to life.

You have a different approach to life as well.

This world needs more and more examples of how things could be done.

To inspire.

To help.

To create.

To evolve.

To reach my limits and realise I don’t have limits.

To be me.

To find me.

All that and more.

Is this something you’d want to witness?

Is this something you’d want to share?

Let’s grow together.